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The best technology is only as effective as those using it.

PointBlue offers extensive and ongoing training to help our clients utilize their IAM solutions to the fullest. We can provide training for architects and administrators that goes far beyond what is available from the major IAM vendors. We can teach you how to solve business problems with identity based solutions.

We can conduct training on almost any Identity and Access Management subject but we are particularly skilled with Identity Federation. Identity Federation is a very complex subject but with our years of experience we can make it understandable. We strive to present the needed information in ways that are easy to relate to and be absorbed as quickly as possible. Our training is custom tailored, just like your solution.

PointBlue doesn’t just lay out a path forward: we help our clients venture out and make sure they keep on course.

Training For The Real World

Let us put together a customized program of the identity, security, or compliance training you need.

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